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Common Workshop Themes

Common Workshop Themes

As well as simply telling a good story, from the range of tales he has gathered across the world, The Journey Man has consistently aided schools through interactive and creative adventures in the following areas.

Storytelling as a springboard to writing

  • Particularly enthusing boys through stories and adventure.
  • Using The Journey Man’s own tools such as the Storyweb, Picture Swap and the Storystick to enable the crafting of a narrative, developing confidence in storytelling and being excited about putting it down on paper.

Learning outside of the classroom

  • The use of a child’s natural enthusiasm for play and the outdoors to find stories, invent characters and narrative and explore creative ways of recording these tales.
  • All sessions are bespoke to the school environment and look at how to make the most of the resources provided by the outdoor environment.

Understanding and thriving as a Third Culture Kid (TCK)

  • As stories help us to support a sense of identity and provide a framework for self-reflection and self-understanding, The Journey Man is able to present a number of stories from cutlures across the world, to be explored through the safety of metaphor whilst opening up the opportunity for students to write the stories of their own experiences.

Stories to aid EAL

  • After working in cultures where English is barely spoken, if at all, The Journey Man has found that the power of narrative, the rhythm of repetition and the prevalence of archetypes to resonate with all cultures. This recognition of a connection to a story and is similarity to those from their own cultures has enabled children and young people to take chances with their limited English and experiment with storytelling, so extending their vocabulary and enjoying the use of their additional language.

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