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I Walk Online

The two years of COVID lockdowns saw all public venues closed and travel made impossible. The Journey Man was therefore forced take a new path. One which centred on my spare room, but brought me into contact with people from all over the world. So, a whole new world of possibilities opened up. I learned not only to walk online, but how to run and to fly. Take a look as I log my exploration and the learning and innovation that followed. I hope you'll find some inspiration as to what is possible in this strange new world we find ourselves living in now.

Welcome to One Man's Journey

Follow what happened during COVID-19

A lot has happened since 2008 when I first took on the name 'The Journey Man'. However, some of the greatest changes in my work have come about in the past two years. Take a look below to see how I adapted to the ‘new normal’. Maybe you'll see something that could work for you and your storytelling needs. If it’s shown below, then it’s been tried and tested, and so I can bring it to you too, ‘ready to go’.

The colour of the boot print on each of the featured photos indicates which area I am addressing…

  • Blue boot print for TRAINING - workshops and skills learning for SME’s and/or corporates
  • Green boot print for EDUCATION - schools and similar learning environments
  • Red boot print for PERFORMANCE - online theatre and storytelling performances for a variety of audiences

Hopefully, this helps you find the information most relevant to your needs.

Read away!

EDUCATION with schools across Malaysia

From Shakespeare to Sang Kancil and the Bajau-Sama

TRAINING with TENTRA MAYA (Malaysia) and others

Stories for SME’s and stories for interviewees

TRAINING with Singapore Special Olympics team

Accessible and Applicable Learning for Athletes

TRAINING with ‘Step by Step’ and ‘POSTMARK’

Reunited through learning storytelling online

PERFORMANCE with KL Shakespeare Players, Malaysia

Lessons learnt bring new life to online lessons

TRAINING with Catalyse, Singapore

Breathing exercises and drama games online?


Catching the scent of something new in lockdown

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