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Introducing Johnny Gillett, The Journey Man

Storyteller • Story Practitioner • Educator • Mime Artist • Theatre Director • Drama Practitioner

"It took me a number of years to realise that I was actually a storyteller. My work had involved mime, theatre, music and movement, but throughout all this a fascination with traditional tales stayed with me. Working in mime in Africa curiously enough opened up a need to tell stories verbally so that the local people could engage more with the stylised art form. Very soon this opened up a new world to me of exploring the physical potential within oral storytelling."

How to Make the Most of the Power of Storytelling

“For almost 30 years I have worked with children, teenagers and adults in a variety of settings and cultures."

"Combining this with Forum Theatre techniques, I now use folk tales and mythology as the basis to all my work with people of all ages, providing a space in which ideas are always welcome and new possibilities for performance or life can be explored. This practice takes me to new places all the time, with much of my work being with teachers and trainers, showing them how to make the most of the power of storytelling.”

Step Into Your Story

"Help your students find their way in"

"Getting started in writing can seem so hard at times. Even professional writers experience this. It can be like standing outside of a beautiful garden; you catch a glimpse of some amazing things, but they are behind a high hedge and there seems to be no way in. This is where The Journey Man can help. Years of gathering, telling, analysing and re-writing stories has furnished Johnny Gillett with an array of techniques, activities and strategies that can help your students find their way in. The Journey Man will help to open the gate so that you can Step Into Your Story..."

What Does The Journey Man Bring?

The Journey Man has programmes and material for those aged from 3 to 16 (Primary Years and Middle Years). He may come as a world-travelled storyteller stopping off at the school to tell the class some tales, he may lead older children out on an adventure with artefacts hidden in the school grounds, or as a drama practitioner and author enabling students to enhance their creative writing...

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Teacher at St George’s International School (Luxembourg)

Bev Burrows-Pym and Ruth Collins

"Johnny was always well prepared, professional and presented himself well. The children took to his calm style and were happy to work alongside him in the workshops. This transferred into their written work, as they were prepared to take more chances with their stories and therefore made them more interesting."

Common Workshop Themes

As well as simply telling a good story, from the range of tales he has gathered across the world, The Journey Man has consistently aided schools through interactive and creative adventures in the following areas...

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International School @ ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Jillian Smyth, Head of English

“The story-writing workshop with Year 10 students had them thoroughly engaged, with the buzz following them into subsequent English lessons. The Journey Man's method of character and plot creation truly inspired our Year 10 students with a clear format to aid them in the creative writing exam task.”

Sessions for Teachers’ Professional Development

All sessions are based on tried and tested techniques, but will be adapted to fit your unique context and school situation.

To ensure a good fit and to make the most of the possibilities of your school’s unique situation, all bookings will be preceded by conversations and some form of site visit. School staff have always been impressed at how much ensure that our programme is not only right for the school, but tailored to make the most of the school setting.

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