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Johnny is pleased to have the Vice Principal of the German European School (Singapore), Andre Beinert, stand as a referee for his work with schools. Andre can be emailed on and is happy to be contacted should you wish to find out more about Johnny Gillett’s work. However, you can also read the following written by the staff of other international schools and young people’s programmes where Johnny is a regular contributor.


“The focus of the sessions has been storytelling and drama in which he involves the children actively in developing and acting out a story. He then leads the children naturally into a writing opportunity which can be followed up in class. At JSL we have a large proportion of EAL children and find that these, together with our native speakers, always respond very positively to him in the drama activities also leading to an enthusiastic approach to the follow-up written activities. By involving the children actively in a drama session, Johnny not only develops their speaking and listening skills but also gives them a “real” experience from which to draw inspiration for written work. His manner with the children is consistently positive and all children are actively engaged. We have found him to be very flexible: he always works with themes that we are studying in school and constructs activities around them.”

Joanne Coe, KS1 Leader
The British School (The Hague, The Netherlands)

“Johnny was able and willing to vary his performances to meet the needs of the children and was able to meet the needs of teachers from many different background. He has been to our school 3 times yet each time was different, entertaining, enlightening and matched to our current topics. He was able to move between whole school or Key Stage performances, to pupil workshops, to teacher training sessions within the same topic.

Johnny was always well prepared, professional and presented himself well. The children took to his calm style and were happy to work alongside him in the workshops. This transferred into their written work, as they were prepared to take more chances with their stories and therefore made them more interesting.”

Bev Burrows-Pym and Ruth Collins
Teachers at St George’s International School (Luxembourg)

“We have been fortunate in having Johnny (The Journey Man) visit our school in Singapore each year for at least the last 5 years.  Johnny is very personable and relates well to both teachers and students. He is a very talented storyteller who mesmerises the children with his stories from around the world. One of Johnny’s huge strengths is his flexibility and ability to tailor-make a storytelling session which not only meets curriculum need but is also vastly entertaining for the children. Johnny has performed his storytelling magic in library sessions, lunchtime sessions and also for events like World Book Day. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any school looking for a storyteller.”

Celeste Fisher, Chief Librarian/Teacher (Junior School)
Tanglin Trust School (Singapore)

“We have found him to be very flexible: he always works with themes that we are studying in school and constructs activities around them"

“Having worked with Johnny for the past three years I commend him for the quality of his work and his innovative ideas. He has at all times demonstrated positive and respectful relationships with students and excellent working relationships with staff. He has added continuity to the project and offered extensive support when we have brought new facilitators into the project. Feedback from staff and students confirms that he is a popular, personable and valued member of the project.”

Richard Kent, MYP Coordinator
German European School (Singapore)

“The Journey Man’s sessions were excellent, because the students were engaged and enthused, but he also encouraged them to think and develop their own ideas creatively while making clear links to the themes of self-image and social media. The students came out of the sessions with a real sense of accomplishment, because every one of them contributed positively to the success of the day - I particularly enjoyed the way Johnny intertwined the telling of stories with the themes.”

Richard Lambros, Head of Key Stage 4
International School @ ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

“The story-writing workshop with Year 10 students had them thoroughly engaged, with the buzz following them into subsequent English lessons. The Journey Man's method of character and plot creation truly inspired our Year 10 students with a clear format to aid them in the creative writing exam task.”

Jillian Smyth, Head of English
International School @ ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

“He is a very talented storyteller who mesmerises the children with his stories from around the world"

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