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Here is a fresh batch of endorsements from the last two years of lockdowns and into the ‘post-COVID’ world in which we are now living. You can read more about the projects themselves by clicking ‘Latest News’, but here is what some of those involved had to say about the new work of The Journey Man.

From a visit to a school in Bosnia & Herzegovina in early 2022:

“For four days, Mr. Gillett worked with students to prepare for a final presentation at the end of the week. Teachers frequently remarked on his ability to quickly switch between the needs of the various age levels and groups of students. He captivated each audience and had everyone actively participating and learning about storytelling.

A session of professional development was held for teachers as well. Mr. Gillett’s sessions with the teachers focused on:

  • exploring a story, the journey of the story
  • how stories can elicit language
  • taking stories beyond the classroom walls

Mr. Gillett used the same techniques and strategies modelled throughout the week to get teachers to interact and apply the skills they were learning about. He then provided supplementary resources for the teachers to further explore these topics after his session.

I highly recommend Mr. Gillett as a guest presenter for both students and teachers. Every time I have had the opportunity to engage with Mr. Gillett I have walked away with new ideas and motivation. His style captivates people of all ages and will leave you counting the days until you can invite him to return.”

Ms Emily Tower
Teacher at QSI International School, Sarajevo

“We have found him to be very flexible: he always works with themes that we are studying in school and constructs activities around them"

And now some comments from those who attended the online programmes, “Step by Step” or “POSTMARK”.

For further information on these programmes and associated resources, go to (new website coming soon).

“Johnny’s POSTMARK is an absolute eye opener for the many elements of storytelling that had not occurred to me before. Notably drawing the audience into a place or setting so that they connect and consciously feel they are in that situation. The use of pitch and emphasis to convey emotions, plus many other techniques in connecting with and conveying the story or message to the audience. I think whatever your background or interest in storytelling, you will find the course beneficial. I’ve already signed up for POSTMARK 4BIZ and I’m looking forward to it.”

Johan Ariffen Razak (Malaysia)
Project Leader

“I’ve been trying various elements of my story in the circles of the Storyweb and it’s really very helpful. I found it so valuable to think of the ‘plot’ as the whole and the ‘narrative’ as the route map through. Really useful concepts. I’m so grateful to you for all the insights. Every time I do one of your modules I get fresh ideas on how to progress with my story. So, huge thanks!”

Mac Carding (UK)
Aspiring Author

“The sessions have helped me unlock my creativity through the tools provided by the course. My storytelling has, as a result, become more interesting - according to my children! And working with archetypes has proved to be very therapeutic. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in developing skills in storytelling.”

Caroline Bergagård (Sweden)
Parent & Community Worker

“The techniques I learned at POSTMARK have inspired me to be more creative with the way I connect with the audience. I’m much more confident in finding more ways to deliver my storytelling now!”

Nat Koh (Singapore)

“Incredibly useful with loads of easy, practical tips that I have already put into action in a Youtube history talk!

Johnny combines great teaching with practical training, all delivered with the knowledge & expertise gained over many years. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to turn presentations or lectures into something more engaging and to stand out from the crowd."

Chris Green (UK)
Historian and Public Speaker

“Johnny's facilitation of the storytelling sessions was rich in content and easy to understand. He was able to draw out participants' stories from their own lives to support the development of skills and competency and put them at ease. By using his extensive storytelling experience, he assured participants that they were doing well, and he had the proficiency to tell good stories, that would capture the listener and keep them interested.

The sessions had a seamless flow that comforted participants, enabling them to contribute and enjoy the learning experience.

I really loved being part of the group. It was made up of people across cultures and continents, and this gave an extra richness to the experiences, where everyone was valued and validated by Johnny's inclusive facilitation.

I developed my skills, insights, understanding, connections, and sense of myself throughout the course, and I have taken my learning into my everyday work and practice. I highly recommend Johnny's courses and teaching.”

Sally Carr, MBE (UK)
Trustee of National Youth Agency

“He is a very talented storyteller who mesmerises the children with his stories from around the world"

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