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Catching the scent of something new in lockdown

We had already been discussing training possibilities, but now, with lockdowns being set all over the world, L’Oréal's ‘Learning Never Stops’ Team saw a need to do something special online. Engagement was proving to be a challenge. They needed something fun, unusual and interactive.

The plan was create a series of remote live master classes for staff across India, China, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia and Australasia. It would be called ‘Learning Live’, and who did they want to open the series? Why, The Journey Man!

Our discussions now turned to looking at how to adapt my material to the online medium. We were all feeling our way with this. However, using the title ‘Captivate’, we created a session together that used the Storyweb as a practical tool for crafting presentations to really hit home.

Basing my workshop on the story of ‘The Clever Wish’, I quickly learnt how to better use my iPad to sketch unique images that would bring my slides to life. I needed to use our local delivery services to obtain a better ethernet cable and adaptor to ensure smoother WIFI. Plus, I had a crash course in presenting on Webex.

The result was a fun and lively exchange with some 300 participants across the Asia-Pacific region. I felt like I had been preparing for a one-man theatre show - the same adrenaline rush, the same joy (and relief) at everything coming together, the satisfaction with a job well done and well received.

I must say that the L’Oréal team were so enthusiastic and supportive, even providing me with encouraging feedback after the session itself. A great bunch of people to begin this online journey with.

But now with the hardware to hand and experience of the software, my journey was just the beginning…

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